Thanks to this lovely apple gadget, my latest project was made much simpler!

I'm so glad I finally figured out how to make this thing work. Made all the difference in the world!

Don't you want to eat that!?

I love fall produce, but we’ve been accumulating so much lately that it’s hard to figure out what to do with it all.  The other day, my dad brought home a big bag of apples that he had gotten from a tree on a job site.  I love apple things, but making them is usually quite a process and I’m pretty lazy when it comes to that kind of thing. Just being honest.  But, I knew we had this peeler/corer/slicer gadget, I just hadn’t yet mastered it.  Thankfully, when pulled it out yesterday, it worked!  It made making this healthy, all-natural, apple/plum sauce a breeze!

I don’t know exactly how many apples I used, but I used a lot.  To keep them from browning before I started cooking them, I put them in a bowl of cold water and lemon juice.  When I had finished the apples, I placed them in a big pot along with about 1 cup of water, a tsp. or so of lemon juice, and lots of cinnamon.  I also threw a few plums in, since we still had some sitting around after my grandma cleaned out a plum tree in someone’s yard.  There’s nothing like fresh and free produce, though, so I’m happy!  I’m glad I added them too because the result was not only delicious, but also a nice pretty pink color.  I brought everything to a boil, covered the pot, and let it simmer for about 30 minutes.  Since the apples were sliced so thinly, it didn’t take long to cook.

I’m not a fan of wasting things, especially food, so I kept peeling apples.  I thought I might as well since the magic apple gadget was out and I had already successfully destroyed the kitchen with apple juice and seeds.  I peeled enough apples to fill a gallon-size ziploc bag and promptly placed that bag in the freezer.  This way, when I want to make an apple pie in the future, the hard part will be done.  As I type this, I’m looking at even more apples that I will need to do something with.  Perhaps more freezing? More applesauce? Not sure, but something.

I’m still developing ideas for this blog and have some plans for some fun installments so check back in!


About Stacy

Hi, I'm the Plant-Based Princess! After spending years eating a normal American Diet, I have decided to change my habits and my life for the better. I try to eat healthy, plant-based foods and am always trying to create delicious food in my kitchen.
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2 Responses to Apples!

  1. I found you through a Popular Tags search on WordPress – loved the title of ‘Apples’! I’ve just started my own blog too, enjoying it and doing it purely for fun and to write. Glad you’re not into food waste – just tweeted that it’s World Food Day today.
    Good luck with your blog 🙂

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